The Starving Yogis hit the Lululemon Window

We met the lovely and talented Lisa at her 10am Sunday Warm Gentle Flow class at Inner Strength Studio in West Roxbury back in the Fall. In chatting with her after class we told her all about our Starving Yogis blog. Lisa also worked at Lululemon in Natick and mentioned our blog to her co-workers and reached out to us to see if we would like to do a “window workout” in the store’s window. The rest is history! We lined up a date in early February and started creating a flow that incorporated a solid traditional base of poses, mixed in with some creative partner poses. We started up a Pinterest board to pin our pose ideas to, being mindful of poses that a certain member of the Starving Yogis is a tad limited in her yoga bag of tricks due to preggohood.

photo 1 photo 2

We crafted a pretty comprehensive and fun flow and were ready to rock it out on our mats (followed promptly by food intake of course).

Saturday February 7th rolled around and we made our way out to the Natick Collection for the window workout. But before we hit the road, we each had a sizeable plate of leftover takeout Indian food for lunch…probably not the wisest thing to eat less than 2 hours before doing an hour yoga flow in a small enclosed space, but hey, they don’t call us “Starving” for nothing.

We arrived, met the Lulu staff (all super nice girls and fellow yoginis) and started up. We had a lot of fun with it while also getting a good workout in (as indicative of our water breaks throughout). We had lots of passerbys stop and watch, many snapping pics of us, groups of adorable kids standing outside the window imitating (well trying to anyways) the poses we were doing, along with some friends and family that swung by as well. We wore matching Lululemon tops, the Run Swiftly Tech Racer Backs.  Andrea’s pants were Wonder Unders Full-on Luxtreme; and Jen wore the Ebb To Street Pant

lulu1 lulu2  lulu3photo 3photo 2

After an hour, we wrapped things up and headed on over to the California Pizza Kitchen in the mall, where we enjoyed a fab meal    and replenished our energy stores for our next sweat sesh.

photo 1

We had a blast and what a great way to spend a wintery February Saturday afternoon.