Legal C Bar – Legacy Place, Dedham

The Starving Yogis frequent Legal C Bar at Legacy Place in Dedham very regularly so we figured we should share with y’all why we love it so much and take you on a tour along our most recent visit.

If you’ve never been to a C Bar, the menu is different than the regular Legals. But is just as tasty.

The service is consistent and reliable and we love the spacious feel and décor of the restaurant.

In addition to the regular bar where you can dine, there is also a food bar that directly peers into the kitchen to the chefs cooking up their magic. There is traditional dining room seating AND we would highly recommend asking for a table in the upstairs balcony level. It’s intimate in this space while being able to have a sweet bird’s-eye view of all your fellow diners below you on the main level.

Andrea and I had just finished up a morning Sunday yoga class at Inner Strength, a few minutes down the road, and then headed on down to C Bar for some lunch. We always get the warm rolls (complementary of course) and we ask for butter with our rolls instead of the white bean spread that comes with it (don’t get us wrong, we like the bean concoction, but we LOVE us some good ole fashion butter). We are obsessed with the bang bang cauliflower appetizer, and sometimes share that (think cauliflower that has the flavor of kung pao chicken). On this occasion we opted for clam chowder. Andrea went with a cup of the regular chowder and I opted for the light version. Both are delish, uh and duh… the regular creamy version is tastier.

Now onto our entrees, I ordered the linguini and clams (it has little bacon bits chopped up and tossed harmoniously with the pasta and clams). It was one of the tastiest linguini and clams I’ve ever had. Linguini and clams is one of my all time favorite dishes. This one was light, tasting hints of white wine, olive oil and butter, but lightly tossed, not soaked thoroughly into every surface of the noodles! Parsley and crushed red pepper flakes are sprinkled throughout. This dish is FULL of garlic, so just be prepared, you may not want to smooch your honey for the next 24 hours!

photo 2

Andrea went for her usual selection (which is often times mine as well), Grilled salmon (she opted for the flavorful Cajun style seasoning), garlicky spinach and sweet potato mash. You can’t go wrong with this winning combo. The only thing we would suggest is to ask for your fish to be cooked “well”, we have ordered it “medium” a couple of times and there has been uncooked sections of the fillet.

photo 3

Our go to for dessert are the bon bons, which you order individually. We typically order two each. The flavors to choose from are strawberry, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. The outer shell is milk chocolate. These are the perfect size for a little something sweet post dinner and are little bites of heaven.  They pair wonderfully with a glass of red wine.



  • Parking can be a little bit of a pain – if it’s a busy night you might want to head for the garage



Legal C Bar

736 Legacy Place

Dedham, MA 02026

(781) 234-6500