Inner Strength Studio – West Roxbury

Class: Warm Gentle Flow with Lisa

This is Starving Yogi’s first review of Inner Strength despite it being one of our regular stops for getting our sweat on… a lot of sweat on.  We decided to try the Warm Gentle Flow as the lower heat (80-85 degrees) was more suitable for the Starving Yogi baby on board.  For those who like it hot, like really hot, Inner Strength flows not designated otherwise are typically in triple digit temperatures.

The studio itself has just completed a renovation to create a second studio for specialty classes and teacher training, in addition to the large heated studio already in place.  There’s a small welcome area with snacks (Power cookies – delish…) and some gear (mostly mats and towels).  Once you enter past the reception desk there is a changing area with 3 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, lockers with keys and a wall of cubbies.

The Warm Gentle Flow was a great class.  For starters, while this starving yogi enjoys the challenge of high temperatures, there is something much more “enjoyable” about a warm flow.  Do not be offended, heat seekers – we love the heat – but every once in a while it’s nice to be able to enjoy relaxing into a pose without sweat dripping into your eyes or, my personal favorite, up your nose in a nice Humble Warrior…  This class allowed us a little more time to reflect on our practice and alignment, which is always a great thing to indulge now and then.

Our instructor, Lisa, was great.  I always think it’s a challenge to teach an “all level” class without leaving someone disappointed, but Lisa provided various substitutions that enabled everyone to make the best choice for their practice.  I also appreciated that she took the time to encourage us to take some of the easier options.  I personally am a chaturanga addict (totally helps my crossfit push-ups, bro), but a slower version – lowering fully to the ground, with a sphinx pose as opposed to an up dog and a pause at table top en-route to down dog – was extremely relaxing for my lower back and shoulders.  Even though “yoga isn’t a competition” is repeated all the time it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that if you’re not pushing yourself to your limit, it’s not a good workout… which is not true.  I thought this class was a great opportunity to relax and stretch and really focus on my poses and body as opposed to powering through from start to finish.  Note:  This is not to say the class wasn’t hard…  it was!  but this is most certainly a class that allows you to choose your own adventure – with the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor – to get the most out what you’re feeling that day.

So is this class for me?  Yup – this is a perfect class to check out no matter what your experience.

What else?  Parking…  There is plenty of it… but wow is the little strip mall sketchy.  Embrace the chaos, find your zen…  =)

Studio Information:

Inner Strength Studios

1524 Veterans of Foreign Wars Parkway, West Roxbury, MA 02132

Ph: (617) 477-3315