Met Bar – Back Bay – by guest blogger Kathryn DeFilippo

This is our first post by a guest blogger and we are thrilled that it’s our friend Kathryn DeFilippo! Kathryn is the true definition of beauty and brains. She is a Senior Investment Associate at Northern Trust and a bubbly blonde who we love. She is very active, in addition to yoga, Kathryn enjoys running and horseback riding.  She also (like us) LOVES food, and friends.

IMG_5803                                                                                                 IMG_5801

She will be training this Summer for a 21 mile run in October in the Grand Canyon with her family to celebrate her dad’s 60th birthday (how cool is that)?!  She is studying for the CFA exam and has been hitting the books hard, so was very ready for a Sunday evening yoga class and din.  We had a great time and we welcome her to join us Starving Yogis whenever she’d like! Here is what Kathryn has to say about the Met Bar in Back Bay!

After class at Back Bay Yoga, we headed over to Met Bar on Newbury for some bites and drinks.  I highly recommend the avocado toast topped with burrata and chili flakes as a starter – very yummy and not too heavy (we would have taken a photo of it for this blog post but our stomachs got the better of us and we quickly devoured it, forgetting to take a photo until we had already eaten the last crumb)!  For dinner, the Green Guru salad was quite tasty with a combo of kale, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, broccoli and greek-goddess dressing. 

IMG_5753 IMG_5747

All of the salads come in healthy portions and paired well with chicken or salmon (Jen opted for the Back Bay Chopped salad which featured cheese, bacon, avocado, italian vinaigrette and she added grilled salmon), which she paired with a crisp grapefruit cocktail.  For a better atmosphere, I would recommend seating on the outside patio, or in the main dining room, as the downstairs bar is quite loud and the service can be slow. 

Thanks to Jen and Andrea for hosting me as this week’s guest!  Cheers to great yoga, great food and great friends!

The Met – Back Bay 

279 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116

(617) 267-0451


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