Back Bay Yoga – Vinyasa Flow with Jess – by guest blogger Kathryn DeFilippo

This is our first post by a guest blogger and we are thrilled that it’s our friend Kathryn DeFilippo! Kathryn is the true definition of beauty and brains. She is a Senior Investment Associate at Northern Trust and a bubbly blonde who we love. She is very active, in addition to yoga, Kathryn enjoys running and horseback riding.  

IMG_5803                                                                                                 IMG_5801

She will be training this Summer for a 21 mile run in October in the Grand Canyon with her family to celebrate her dad’s 60th birthday (how cool is that)?!  She is studying for the CFA exam and has been hitting the books hard, so was very ready for a Sunday evening yoga class and din.  We had a great time and we welcome her to join us Starving Yogis whenever she’d like! Here is what Kathryn has to say about Back Bay Yoga!

This write up is about the 6pm Sunday evening Vinyasa Flow class with Jess.

As an aspiring yogi, I was thrilled and honored to be a Starving Yogi guest this week.

We started the evening by meeting at Back Bay Yoga for the 6:00pm Vinyasa Flow class with Jess.

Back Bay Yoga studio is a lovely space on Boylston where you are welcomed by a very nice staff of fellow yogis.   The studio itself is spacious and comfortable with a nice combination of bright décor and natural light from the windows over looking Boylston Street.

The instructor, Jess Ray, is a true yogi, and she made the 90-minute class feel like a total mental and physical cleanse.  I enjoyed the flow of Jess’ sequences throughout the class.  It was a great mix of instructed flow, as well as some time to explore our own comfort and challenges in exercises like inversions (which I need more practice doing!).  She also introduced a handful of new hip-opener poses that felt awesome after a long workweek!  We also got to horse around a bit after class and Jess helped direct us into this cool 3-person downward dog pose, the first photo is our “take 1” pic and the second photo is our “take 5” version…not too shabby!

 IMG_5738                                                                         IMG_5744

There is a cute boutique in the lobby area with yogi apparel essentials (I was tempted to do some shopping!), and a nice clean locker-room perfect for a quick change after class before dinner, where we headed to the Met Bar Back Bay (a short walk from the studio).

I would highly recommend this class, as the $15  (drop in price) is well worth the cost – I can’t wait to go back!

Studio Information:

Back Bay Yoga

364 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor

Boston, MA 02116

617-375-YOGA (9642)

Thanks to Jen and Andrea for hosting me as this week’s guest!  Cheers to great yoga, great food and great friends! 


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