Milton Yoga – Heated Power Vinyasa with Matt

This write up is about the 1:00pm Heated Power Vinyasa class with Matt.

Studio: This is one of Starving Yogi’s favorite studios.  It’s quaint, conveniently located, and offers a wide variety of class types and times.  The studio itself is very simple – small welcome area and a standing desk flanked by two studios and two bathrooms (key for changing into dry clothes, splashing some body spray and making an acceptable sweat bun with your hair before heading out to dinner).

The classrooms themselves are just as simple. The heated vinyasa class takes place in a room with nice wood floors, muted red walls, and minimal decoration that is truly relaxing. There are also windows in the front and back of the room (don’t fret over being window art – you cannot see into the studio from the street!). While seemingly not all that common in a lot of heated studios, having some natural sunlight can really brighten up your practice (pun intended).

As for other amenities, there is bottled water on hand for $1 if you forget to pack your own and a mat rental option for $3. They do not have an in-store boutique, so make sure you pack dry clothes for dinner afterwards.

Class: (This write up is about the Heated Power Vinyasa class with Matt on Mondays at 1pm)

Temperature: 90-95 degrees

Humidity: 60%

Duration: 1 hour

As the preggo one of the two Starving Yogis, I have been opting for the “less heated” classes (i.e. those that keep to 98 degrees and below). I recently tried out Monday’s 1pm Heated Power Vinyasa class taught by Matt Rutkowski.


This class was a beautiful flow. Matt has great knowledge of human anatomy which as a personal trainer I can appreciate.   His flow was fluid and a perfect dichotomous balance of relaxation and breathwork mixed with a rigorous physical challenge for the body. He offered up some excellent modifications and alternative options for me in my “Preggo condition” and brought me over a variety of props including bolsters and blocks. As I progress in my pregnancy, certain poses are just physically impossible to get into any longer, i.e. side crow, and even child’s pose is starting to feel uncomfortable, not to mention poses to avoid altogether in the third trimester, like deep twists, anything that requires you to lie on your stomach, inversions, deep backbends and anything that requires you to lie on your back on on your right side for an extended amount of time, (Phew… that was a mouthful…what a list!) so modifications are always welcome and much appreciated!


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Is this class for me?

I would recommend this class for all levels, the modifications offered are great and you can take it at your own pace in a comfortable heat range. Highly recommend! When checking out the class, tell them the Starving Yogis sent you and that you would like a cookie upon completion of class 😉


Lot and street parking is a breeze.

Price Point: $18 per class


Studio Information:

Milton Yoga

12 Brush Hill Rd.

Milton, MA 02186

(781) 534-9642